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I don't feel good, at all.
just one of those days when I want to sit and do nothing, talk to nobody, hear nobody... I just want the people around me to leave me alone.
my body hurts and so does my heart. I can't point on the reason to all of this.

I'm supposed to choose which subjects I wanna study next year in school. I'll pick computer science for sure, but I still haven't decided what I'll choose for the second subject- physics or biology.
think I'm gonna go with physics, I've been told physics students can get accepted to this special program in the army, good money. I'm almost the only one out of my friends who is actually thinking forward, about the future. everybody just want to get this highschool over with and they choose subjects their parents want em to, or that seem the easiest. 

*another yawn*
got a tutoring job btw ^^ it's nice, just helping this 4th grader. seriously I don't understand why kids that age even need a tutor but whatever.

been reading this book "Angels and demons" by Dan Brown. it's really good, but too similar to the Da vinci code in many aspects. but I'll read on, maybe it is somehow different and the author isn't recycling the same plotline.

turn ur head 180 degrees to the side, cause I don't feel like editing it :P

Gangs of New York

OMG last night I couldn't really fall asleep so I watched the movie "gangs of New york". OMG. OMG. THE MOST AWESOME MOVIE!!
Daniel Day-Lewis is a GENIOUS!!! his acting is just sooo good in that movie, he's so charming, and I think that's the first time I was attracted to a much older guy wearing plaid pants and VESTS and has the most weird moustache. ya, I'm so KINKY.  each scene he was in I got all fan-girly and giggly and and and couldn't stop smiling. I'm becoming a fangirl again!!!!!!! zomg .
but he was extremely hot in "Last of the mohicans" so it's cool. 

I'll do you, my genious actor. Leo is NADA, ZERO next to him. 

now about the movie itself... was it REALLY like that during those years? seriously, gangs and shit? that's fucking scary! I was all shocked in the battle scenes!

Hello there, non-commenters!

listening to some pink, playing wow, no school.... can life get any better? 

yesterday I went with my mom for some shopping and we picked up this most amazing dress with comic book prints! it's sooo sexy and has this slit starting from a bit over the knees. it's long, shows some back. I'm sure to wear it this friday- it's Purim ^_^ (u know, jewish halloween minus trick or treating. ya, pretty much)
I'll look incredibly sexy (I sound so cocky.... :P damn it's my lj I can sound how I want to!), will put glittery make-up, those really nice pair of black high heel shoes, and I'm still thinking about what I'm going to do with that straw on my head which pretends to be my hair. 
will take pictures! <3

my friend sent me some cosmo! girl and seventeen from the US weeee. the fashion magazines here are LAME. so I ask him to send me a bunch once in a while. so many distractions though... gotta study for history! it was pure luck that there's a strike today and the test is cancelled.... thank u god. I LOVE YOU.


to less girly matters cause I'm starting to scare myself- 
my brother's friend lent me a few comic books. 300 by Frank Miller (!!) and Runaways which I read only a few chapters from. 
I really gotta stop lending things from others! I have to get a job.. I want to OWN  cool stuff for a change XD

Ta ta for now, 


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please let there be a strik tomorrow!!

HUGE history test tomorrow. I know almost all of the material about World War I  perfectly, but all the rest... well... I DON'T. so I'm doomed, pretty much. unless my computer is going to explode, and my playstation would burn together with the eyetoy and DDR... maybe then I'll sit down and study. but really... what are the odds of that? pretty hugh with 3 insane brothers.

while I was "studying" I applied nail polish to my nails! metallic blue color. looks totally cool. it's been monthes since I did that! basically cause I had no nails and I decided to grow them for the sake of me being a bit more girly. I also straightened my hair. looks soo good with the pink stripes. and it grew nicely since the last time I cut it short. soon I'll have my pretty curls again ^_^

so let me tell u all about what happened the time I wasn't here. let's put aside my world of warcraft addiction, and talk about REAL life.
I met a guy. and for the first time in a very long time, I actually liked him. (I tend to always find flaws in guys that's why I reject every single on of em, but at the time, couldn't find any flaws in him). he's 21, I'm 16. guess what? didn't work. it was so great talking to him all the time, we had a lot of things in common, he knew how to support me. everything was perfect. untill.... well, because of his age it was pretty obvious from the start how he want this relationship to go. more physical than emotional. and I am not ready for that, and don't think I will be ready until I fall in love maybe. I decided to ignore that fact and ended up getting hurt. so now it's over.

now that I lost lots of weight (seriosly, LOTS. eveybody keeps telling me I look great, and "OMG DID U LOSE WEIGHT?#! I'M SO JEALOUSSS *CAUSE I'M STILL A FATASS THAT'S WHY*), back to BOY HUNTING. I look my best right now. there's this amazingly cute guy sitting in front of me. gonna be MINE i'm telling ya. MINEEE!! ^^ 

it's an old drawing of mine, but u have to catch up on everything! from the comics "The Goon" :

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guess who's back?

Hey there, lj buddies.

I'm back, after a REALLY long time of not posting nor commenting.
was busy with my own boring life. ok, the truth? got addicted to world of warcraft so I didn't "wasted" my oh so dear computer time on reading my friends' page here ^^;
any of u guys forgive me? I'll try to catch up now, expect to hear from me!

so much happened during this time.. everything in details soon.



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I kinda forgot to say....

my brother finally came back from the war!!!
after more than 40 days!!!

yet he is going back on thursday... ]: damn it. 
I'm soo happy he is o.k... though I'm not sure he is o.k mentally. friends of his from highschool and the army died. I bet it's so hard for him... 

grrrr I want this to be over already!!!!

school starts in 13 days. oh noes. I got a letter which told me in what class I am since it's highschool... I'm stuck with sooo many girls I hate. I'll try to survive. !! (oh I hope I will.....).

and one last thing- my father said he would buy me a digital camera sometime soon! YAY! expect a lot of picture posts from me... XDD

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there are warnings that bombs might fall in my city. I'm so fucking scared.
8 people died this morning. 
God, please protect my family.... 

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This morning my teacher called my house, to ask me some questions about highschool.
I was still asleep so my brother woke me up and I was SURE that he said to me "Hey, mom is on the phone!". so I picked up the phone and I was like
"hello.... Mom...?"
my Teacher:"no, it's not your mom. it's your teacher."
Me: "Etan (my brother) you stupid ass why did you tell me it was mom??"
Etan: "I didn't tell you that!!"
Me: "you piece of shit!"
My teacher: "ummm Nili?" bla bla bla asking me questions about highschool, and in the end "why didn't you come to school today?"
Me: "I didn't really feel like going..." (What was I thinking?@!)
My Teacher: "Bye"


and some crappy quality pictures (my brother is in this training camp for the police, so he took the precious digicam.)

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I'm so depressed and shocked right now.
one of my teachers, Died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. some bastard son of a bitch drove in a red light and crashed into his motorcycle... ]=
I can't believe it!! he was supposed to get married in two weeks! he was just 25!!
I remember when he told our class that he is looking for a girlfriend to marry, and he is really looking for the right one, and hoping to find her.
and I remember when he told me that I'm amazing because he said something not very nice and I shouted at him.
THIS CAN'T BE TRUE. How can god kill good people? death is so close... I never thought anyone I know will die. but now that it happened.. I'm so worried. I'm so scared.

WHY. I cried all morning... I still don't believe it.
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